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German Design Award 2019 for IKA

The high-performance IKA T 25 easy clean homogenizer is the first of its kind in the world for use in research, product development or quality control. Now this unique laboratory device has been lauded with the German Design Award 2019 in the “Industry” category.
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Brenntag – Industrial Paints & Coatings

A recent EU General Court ruling on 7th March 2019 has effectively stopped the sale of Lead Chromate pigments for the manufacture of road marking and Industrial paints. This is because Lead is a neurotoxin that can harm the nervous system and chromium VI is a carcinogen.
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Univar Completes Acquisition of Nexeo Solutions, Creating Univar Solutions

Univar Completes Acquisition of Nexeo Solutions, Creating Univar Solutions
Combined Company Positioned to Drive Growth and Shareholder Value with Expanded Capabilities and Unmatched Expertise to Help Customers and Suppliers Capitalize on Growth Opportunities.
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Sun Chemical Pigments Have Launched 3 Unique High Performance Pigments

Quindo Magenta 122, 228-3122
Fanchon Yellow 138, 279-7138
Quindo Violet 55 228-6811
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New Arrivals to Blagden’s Coatings Team

Blagden’s Coatings team has welcomed two new faces in recent months. Helen McCormack and Nash Mistry have taken up positions as regional sales managers.

Kruss – Real-time Drop Analysis for Inkjet Printing

In April, KRÜSS will unveil its new Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA Inkjet, a measuring instrument for analyzing the properties and flight behavior of ink drops after exiting the print head. Presentations will take place at two parallel conferences, the IMI Inkjet Ink Development Conference held in Hamburg from April 8 to 11, and the InPrint show held in Louisville, KY (USA) from April 9 to 11.

CDR Pumps Offer Truly Portable Fluid Handling Solutions

CDR Pumps offer truly portable fluid handling solutions
A popular choice for many chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing facilities, many Industrial Bulk Containers are used for are used to store and transport a variety of different fluid types.

Devine Chemicals Celebrates 10 Years as Afcona Additives’ Sole UK Distributor

Speciality chemicals company, Devine Chemicals is celebrating 10 years as the sole UK distributor for AFCONA Additives.
North East-based Devine Chemicals is a leading supplier to the UK coatings industry and the partnership with speciality additives manufacturer AFCONA Additives has helped to strengthen the company’s product portfolio and cements its position in the coatings market.

IMCD – NEW: Ashland Introduces a MIT-Free Version of Aquaflow™

Aquaflow™ NHS-300MF NSAT has been specifically formulated with a MIT-free biocide package designed for full compliance with the European biocide directive (EBD 2017) and meets or exceeds virtually all EU Ecolabel requirements for waterborne paints and coatings.

Omya – A New Technology in Decorative Paints to Boost The Opacity

In general terms, opacity can be described as the ability of a substance or mixture to hide a substrate. A typical example would be a coating film covering a given surface such as a wall.

Growing Support for Surfex 2020

The organisations and associations we collaborate with on Surfex are a fundamental component of the event. These leading institutions address a range of relevant topics of significance during the Industry Insight sessions.
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The February/March issue of OCCA’s SCI featured an article on Surfex 2020. To see the pages, click here.

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