The Inside Track features a series of interviews with key members within the industry, these include key figures within our supporting organisations, key members of leading associations within our industry as well as key influencers from our exhibiting companies.

The interviews covering key issues within the industry, operating within the paints, inks, coatings and resins industry within the current climate. As well as future trends, developments and technology that will be coming into the industry.

The Broadcast is a series of content in the form of videos, presentations, audio recordings and can focus items such as:

  • Short videos or automated presentations that focus on our exhibitors latest news, processes or innovations.
  • Short teasers on what exhibitors are going to be focusing on at Surfex in October.
  • Interviews conducted by our exhibitors covering key information about their products.

The Tech Hub is a resource on the Surfex website for you to read technical articles and scientific papers about the latest innovations, technical developments, and advances within the industry.

The Tech Hub is your dedicated resource where you can read more about the latest technical advanced and innovations being brought to market by our exhibitors.

The Surface and Coatings Technology Newsletter features the latest products, equipment, technologies and news from professionals in the surface and coatings technology industry.

If you would like to put forward an article for the Newsletter, please email