Onsite Technical Advice from Elcometer Experts

Onsite Technical Advice From Elcometer Experts

With our global headquarters and principal manufacturing, service and support centre in Manchester, Elcometer is proud to be a UK company supporting our customers, providing solutions to their coatings, NDT and concrete inspection needs since 1947.
With the introduction of our comprehensive range of abrasive blast equipment in 2019, we are now able to support more than ever before.

 Elcometer is more than just a manufacturer, we offer onsite help and advice to both the Industrial Finishing and Protective Coating industries, providing comprehensive coating inspection equipment solutions to meet the requirements of the UK and global industries that we serve.

“Every customer is unique, Elcometer believes in building long term relationships with our customers.  Our ability to work closely with our customers at their facility means that we are able to add value and help solve their coating inspection needs” said Neil Beswick, Elcometer UK & Ireland Sales Manager.

“To be able to sit down and discuss their requirements with a knowledgeable technical representative from Elcometer is reassuring to many of our customers and allows us to develop new product technologies in line with the ever changing requirements of our industry.”

Furthermore, Elcometer’s comprehensive range of physical test equipment used in paint formulation laboratories and test houses around the world, Elcometer is best placed to meet your needs whether you are developing a coating, inspecting a product on the production line or monitoring the coating system to prolong the lifetime of your assets.

To find out how Elcometer can assist you, join us at Surfex 2020, Stand  404 on 2-3rd June 2020 or visit www.elcometer.com.