Acronol 6292

At the moment decorative and architectural paints & coatings manufacturers are looking to respond to the trend for healthier paints. Properties such as cost-competitiveness, wet-scrub resistance, hiding power, durability and cleanability must not be sacrificed to the stringent requirements of regulatory standards for indoor air quality and eco-label conformity. One of the latest developments in this category is a move towards biocide or preservative free paints.

Acronal® 6292 from BASF is a modern styrene-acrylic binder for use in biocide-free formulations, offering a lower ‘total formulation cost’ alternative to vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) resins. By focusing on increased pigment-binding power, the binder content does not need to be increased to achieve scrub-resistance. Combine with Dispex® CX 4248 dispersant to boost that efficiency further and the door is open for healthy paints that are still economically viable and can achieve the highest performance standards.

Acronal® 6292 is the market standard in binders for biocide-free, architectural paint formulations. If healthy paints are becoming a standard in your portfolio then please contact BTC for more information and guide formulations. Contact Chris Morgan, Head of Sales: Coatings, Inks & Plastics – Email: