Introducing a new brighter white for inks

Ti-PureTM TS-4657 brings the whiteness, brightness and opacity of a chloride grade titanium dioxide to inks and has the added benefit of low abrasion.

Until now, printers looking for optimum brightness in their inks typically faced a choice between brilliance and abrasion. That’s because pigments produced via the chloride process tend to be abrasive and cause wear on printing equipment. However, while sulphate grades offer lower abrasion, they lack brightness and consistency.

Now there is a product which combines the benefits of both. Blagden’s key supply partner Chemours has developed a low-abrasion chloride grade of titanium dioxide, Ti-PureTM TS-4657.

Compared to sulphate-produced alternatives, Ti-PureTM TS-4657 provides:
• a brighter, whiter pigment that allows printing in a broader range of colours
• higher opacity and thinner film when formulated to equal whiteness
• consistently high quality due to continuous processing
• the ability to use less TiO₂ when formulated to whiteness and opacity, resulting in cost savings

For more information about how Ti-Pure TS-4657 can bring more brilliance to your inks, please contact Philip Randall on 01959 560857 or email