During the week of 19 – 23 October 2020 Surfex presented Digital Week featuring a series of live presentations during this condensed period.

Digital Week featured a number of tools and resources visitors could use to help find the content, contacts or expertise required, providing an opportunity to drill down on the huge amount of information, detail and products featured on the Surfex website.

OCCA and Step Exhibitions were only able to deliver Digital Week due to the considerable support Surfex is receiving from the industry. From leading associations and societies such as the British Coatings Federation and Royal Society of Chemistry to a wide range of exhibitors, Surfex is backed by a wealth of experience, expertise, knowledge and information that will help every visitor in their day to day role.

Monday 19 October

Tuesday 20 October

10:00 BST

Problem Solving Hazardous Fluid Handling in Paints and Coatings Production

11:00 BST

A Series of Webinars by the RSC:

  • Advances in Passive and Active Coatings Technology for Glass.
  • Effect of Molecular Weight (MW) on the Performance of Polyester-Melamine Coil Coatings.
  • Design Strategies for Waterborne Coatings with Defined Surface Properties.

15:00 BST

A Series of Webinars by UCL:

  • Robust and Multifunctional Nanoengineered Surfaces
  • Optical Coatings for Healthcare and Energy Applications
  • Mesoporous Coatings for Self-cleaning, Antireflection and Sensing Applications

Wednesday 21 October

Thursday 22 October

10:00 BST

Are U ready for the UFI Code:  European Poison Centre Notifications

14:30 BST

Exploring dedicated colorants for flooring applications: a fully integrated tinting system

15:00 BST

Turkey KKDIK – Get ready for pre-registration and registration

16:00 BST

A Series of Webinars by the British Coatings Federation:

  • Creating culture, decent worthwhile and secure
  • Brexit consequences for the UK coatings industry

Friday 23 October

On Demand Webinars

10:00 BST

A Series of Webinars by Nottingham University:

  • Icephobic Coatings and Surfaces
  • Coatings for Biomaterials Applications
  • New Applications of Pulsed Electron Irradiation in Surface Engineering

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15:00 BST

Panel Discussion with Industry Experts.

Are you ready for 2021?


Panelists include:

  • OCCA
  • British Coatings Federation
  • BASF
  • Indestructible Paint
  • The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

If you would like to run a webinar in partnership with Surfex, please contact us on Surfex@step-exhibitions.com for all available opportunities.