Submit your SVHC information to SCIP Database before 2021

Submit your SVHC information to SCIP Database before 2021

The SCIP Database

The database that has been established under the waste framework directive is for information on Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects (Products) 1. The directive states that from the 5th of January 2021 all companies that produce, import or supply articles containing any SVHC on the candidate list, in a concentration above 0.1% weight by weight (w/w) will have to submit information on these articles to the SCIP database. The database will be used to complement the existing communication and notification obligations for Candidate List substances in articles under REACH.

A prototype of this database has been launched on the ECHA website, this will enable companies to become familiar with the preparation of SCIP notifications and test out the software prior to its official launch. The prototype contains three different elements in the established IUCLID software format, harmonising the notification process, the three elements include:

  • Data preparation in IUCLID.
  • Data submission in the ECHA Submission portal.
  • Material for system-to-system submission of data

Test submission data can be submitted to the prototype in order to gain hands on experience with the software, this test data will be considered as such and deleted prior to the end of October 2020 2.

Who Needs to Submit a Notification?

The requirement to submit a notification to the SCIP applies to all articles placed on the EU market containing a SVHC in greater than 0.1 % w/w 3. Information regarding the articles need to be provided by the following entities:

  • EU producers and assemblers.
  • EU importers.
  • EU distributors of articles and other actors in the supply chain placing articles on the market.

Retailers and other members of the supply chain are not obliged to provide information to the SCIP database.

How CIRS Can Help?

  • Provide product SVHC testing
  • Identify the information required for submission to the SCIP database
  • Dossier preparation and notification review

As a world leading Regulatory consulting firm, CIRS cover the global scope of regulatory compliance, providing a one stop service, tailor made to your needs ensuring that you remain compliant with this and all future regulations.


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