BASF Lumina® Royal (exterior) Blue Russet EH 3173 (S6903D)

BASF have launched a new high chroma effect pigment for vibrant blue and red shades. The latest release joins the Lumina® Royal exterior family of effect pigments, addressing the colouristic gap between Lumina® Royal Russet and Lumina® Royal Magenta – a semi-transparent, blue-shifted russet shade with superior properties and global registration status. Based on synthetic mica, the new Lumina® Blue Russet features an optimized particle-size distribution for exceptional chromaticity, brilliance and sparkle. The Lumina® combines with classic high-performing pigments creating an exciting colour-space expansion for brand new styling options and exceptional formulation flexibility in automotive OEM, refinish, aerospace, exterior architectural and powder coatings.

The full range of BASF effect pigments will be showcased at Surfex 2021. For further information or to sample please contact Chris Morgan, Head of Sales: Coatings, Inks & Plastics BTC UK Email: