Creating Safer Homes Through Chemical Strategy  – Across the Entire Supply Chain

Creating safer homes through chemical strategy  – across the entire supply chain

A leader in the Chemical Management Software Market, Yordas Group has teamed up with home improvement giant Kingfisher plc to deliver on their commitment to help customers access sustainable and good homes. Operating under retail brands such as B&Q and Screwfix, Kingfisher is no small fish in the pond: it serves 6 million customers across 1280 stores in 10 countries in Europe, Russia and Turkey.

The retailer’s challenge lies in the vast, geographically diverse and ever-changing regulatory environment that may change unexpectedly, leading to supply chain disruption. Kingfisher’s sustainability plan, therefore, relies on anticipating future regulatory action and meeting sustainability commitments in their complex, international supply chains. Their goal is not just to remain compliant, but to reduce chemical exposure right across all its operations.

Yordas Group is a leading provider of scientific, environmental, human health and global regulatory consulting services.

This is where Kingfisher’s sustainability partner Yordas Group was able to step in to help. The creators of Yordas Hive assisted Kingfisher in developing a chemical strategy that enables them to anticipate future regulatory action and meet sustainability commitments.

Kingfisher plc is the largest home improvement retailer in Europe.

To assist Kingfisher in implementing its chemicals strategy, Yordas created a new Chemicals Action List (CAL), a list of chemicals of concern used to create product specifications where restrictions apply. In order to develop the knowledge base, each substance in the CAL was mapped against parameters such as level of regulation, scope of the regulatory requirements and relevance for the client’s products, as identified via Yordas Hive’s substance use and application information.

Chemicals management solution Yordas Hive offers a unique package of in-depth expertise, high-quality current data and intuitive software features. It supports customers to comply with chemical regulations and anticipates future business risks.

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