Applied Graphene Materials. Tomorrow’s Materials. Today… Do you want to be part of it?

Applied Graphene Materials. Tomorrow’s material. Today … do you want to be part of it?


Exciting new materials technologies take time to pull through to real industrial applications, however Applied Graphene Materials’ (AGM) customers are leading the way in the early commercial exploitation of Graphene into the Coatings and Composites industries. Detailed research, thorough materials characterisation and the development of robust production techniques have placed AGM’s products at the forefront of change and we are now looking for partners – globally – to help further accelerate and expand Graphene uptake. If you are a potential customer or an agent/distributor in the Coatings and Composites industries we want to hear from you.
Visit our website to view the video showcasing our customers products.  Alternatively you can view the video in the news section of our website.


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