Trailblazers and innovators support the aqueous trend

The growing adoption of aqueous systems across the coatings industry is supported by additives which address key challenges. Here we highlight a selection of BYK’s wetting and dispersing additives for water-based systems, available across the UK and Ireland from Blagden.

Aqueous coatings now account for 60% of the coatings market and are on an above-average growth trajectory according to our key supply partner, BYK Chemie GmbH. Such systems have health and environmental benefits and are increasingly required to meet legislative requirements.

The challenges facing formulators in creating water-based coatings are steadily being overcome with innovative and effective additives. BYK has been at the forefront of such innovation, developing an extensive portfolio of products for aqueous systems.

The four wetting and dispersing additives highlighted here range from trailblazing originals to brand new products:

Trailblazer continues to set industry standard: At its launch in 1990, Disperbyk-190 was a trailblazer. Since then, its impressive product profile has seen it become an industry standard worldwide. Suitable for all pigments, its excellent wetting and dispersing quality produces high gloss and transparency levels as well as low viscosity. The effect is to improve flow behaviour and increase pigmentation.

First to offer VOC-free with electrosteric stabilisation: By combining these two features, Disperbyk-199 enables paints and pigment concentrates to meet legislative requirements as well as demand for greater efficiency. Ideal for inorganic and organic pigments, it is a cost-effective alternative to commonly-used dispersants and high molecular weight wetting and dispersing additives.

New versatile additive for the full spectrum of coatings: Versatility is a key attraction of Disperbyk-2014. It can be used in the full spectrum of coatings, from aqueous coatings and printing inks to UV, solvent-borne and solvent-free systems. It also has broad compatibility with a large variety of solvents and binders. Its highly deflocculating effect makes it possible to formulate coating systems with excellent optical properties such as improved colour strength, gloss and transparency and reduced haze.

Specialist product for high-quality, aqueous pigment concentrates: Another VOC-free wetting and dispersing additive, Disperbyk-2015 is based on controlled polymerisation technology enabling a defined molecular weight distribution for use in many different binder systems. It shows excellent compatibility in a range of water-borne resin systems. It enables high levels of gloss and exceptional colour strengths with optimum viscosity and good levelling properties.

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