Siltech – Fluorosilicones for Coatings

Siltech offers a wide range of fluorinated silicones for coatings and other applications, which can offer good solvent and chemical resistance, lubricity and slip.  The silicone part proffers good water repellency, and the fluorine attachments can improve dirt, soil and grease repellency.

There are 5 generic categories in the Siltech portfolio:


1- Perfluorobutylethylene- or PFBE-based (F9)

These are perhaps the more established types of fluorosilicones (c=3):

2- Trifluoropropyl- or TFP-based (F3)

Newer and potentially cheaper, these are often compared side-by-side with their PFBE-analogues.


3- Alkyl fluorosilicones

These can be low melting point solids at room temperature, or liquids.  The percentages of alkyl character and the amount of fluorine can be tailored to the desired applications.  Both PFBE and TFP types can made.


4- Polyether fluorosilicones

The most interesting point about fluorinated silicone polyethers is that they can be water soluble, depending on the amount of ethylene oxide which is incorporated.  They can also be considered as being reactive, via their carbinol functionality.


5- True reactive fluorosilicones

These are quite specialised types, and are very interesting for durable coating applications.

Fluorosils TMS C7-1F and EP C7-1F are methoxy- and epoxy-functional respectively.

Fluorosil TFP OH B10 is a hydroxy-functional fluorosilicone.

For UV-cured systems, Siltech had also made hydroxyacrylate fluorosilicones, namely Fluorosil OH ACR C7-F and Silmer OH ACRF B10.


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