Surfex Digital Content

With the restrictions in face to face meetings, the world has exploded in digital technology that has enabled people to continue to communicate with wide audiences and disseminate information into the industry.

COVID-19 has caused a stir across the globe, from changing the way we work, to the way we shop and coordinate in public spaces. The unprecedented lockdown across the UK has encouraged businesses to work remotely, making the most of digital communication and services.
With this explosion of information and continuous communication from everyone wanting to speak to you, it can be difficult to decipher what is important, what is of interest and what will bring value to your day to day work.

To help with this problem Surfex has developed a range of online resources, accessible for anyone interested in a whole series of issues, from the latest ideas and innovations, to how the industry is coping with COVID-19. The online resources are categorised to help you get to the information you want and in the format you need, as easily as possible.

These online content is designed to bring the industry together. To match problem with solution. To help people find the expertise they need and to bring perspective and insight into our working lives, and the professional and personal circumstances that challenge us.

Exhibitors and their capabilities are a key element of the online resources at Featured are new products and what exhibitors can bring to the day to day professional requirements of people working in surface and coatings technology.

There are 4 key aspects of the Surfex Digital Content:

  • The Tech Hub
  • The Inside Track
  • Broadcast Hub
  • Surfex Live


The Tech Hub – Articles and Scientific Papers.

The Tech Hub is a resource on the Surfex website for you to read technical articles and scientific papers about the latest innovations, technical developments, and advances within the industry.

The Tech Hub is your dedicated resource where you can read more about the latest technical advances and innovations being brought to market by our exhibitors.


The Inside Track – Exclusive Interviews

The Inside Track features a series of interviews with key people in the industry offering their specialised knowledge and insight.

The interviews already available on the Inside Track include:

  • Government funding and initiatives to help build skills and add valued members to your team through
  • We Exceed Your Expectations
  • What networking looks like today and how Surfex is supporting the Surface Coatings Industry
  • Your Technology, Our Chemistry
  • An introduction to Taylor Davis
  • The coatings industry will need to retain its highly skilled and experienced workforce


The Broadcast Hub – Video, Presentations & Audio

The Broadcast Hub features videos, presentations and audio recordings presenting exhibitor news, products, processes and innovations.

Whilst the content is being builtthis area will be updated regularly. So everyone should keep in touch with these pages of the Surfex website to see what is regularly coming to the market.


Surfex Live – Latest Products and Innovations

Surfex Live is a series of online content focusing on the latest products, innovations and changes to our industry. The webinars feature a range of speakers discussing key innovations, developments and changes within the surface & coatings technology industry.

Taking place regularly between now and the dates of Surfex (8-9 June 2021) these live webinars will continue to focus innovations and key developments entering the market. For anyone who misses the live presentations, the programme is available on demand and can be found on the Surfex website at: The upcoming webinars can also be found on this page, so make sure you register to attend and get them in your diary, all content is free to access!

To view the content visitors simply need to register for the session. It is then available to view as many times as they wish.