Revolutionary orange peel measurement system continues to make waves

The launch of wave-scan 3 from Blagden’s key supply partner BYK-Gardner brings more precision more quickly for assessing smoothness and gloss of paint finishes.

BYK-Gardner’s wave-scan range – available from Blagden – makes the objective measurement of surface texture possible. Its impact has been revolutionary, changing how industries envisage the painting process. By providing diagnostics to objectively evaluate surface quality after each paint process step, wave-scan makes it possible to identify exactly which substrate layer is influencing the final appearance. It therefore allows manufacturers to establish processes to ensure a flawless finish and reduces time spent trouble shooting.

What’s the connection between waves and gloss measurement?
The wavy pattern of light and dark areas on high gloss surfaces is known as orange peel and is influenced by brilliance – or gloss – and waviness. wave-scan incorporates these two features into its measurements. It evaluates the brilliance of the surface by simulating the visual perception of waviness. With the results produced, quality can be analysed and optimised based on material and process parameters.

What’s new in wave-scan 3?
wave-scan continues to lead the way with the launch of wave-scan 3. It responds to advances in technology and paint finishes which create challenges for controlling waviness in the final surface appearance.

The new wave-scan 3 incorporates a fresh design with extra-large colour touch display and intuitive operation. Complex waviness scales are calculated with super-fast chip technology, reducing measurement time. Results correlate closely with visual perception and align with earlier wave-scan models.

Introducing the wave-scan 3 family
Four instruments in the wave-scan 3 family enable solutions tailored for every task:
wave-scan 3 is the specialist instrument for orange peel and distinctness of image (DOI) for high-gloss finishes
wave-scan 3 dual provides an expanded measurement range for medium- to high-gloss surfaces
• micro-wave-scan measures orange peel on small and curved high-gloss parts like fuel doors, mirror housings and decorative trim.
• wave-scan ROBOTIC automates paint quality control on the production line.

For more information about wave-scan 3, please contact Simon Moss at Blagden on 01959 560818 or email