Siltech – Silicone Acrylates for OPVs, Polymer Modification, Release and 3D Printing

Siltech manufactures a very wide range of reactive multi-functional and linear di-functional silicone acrylates.

Silmer ACR types are considered to be the most traditional, with structures shown below:

Ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO) groups can be incorporated in order to improve the compatibility with non-silicone polymers.

Silmer OH ACRs are silicone acrylates with secondary hydroxyl groups, as shown here:

This means that UV curing can be followed by a secondary cure, and linear di-functional types are on Swiss Ordinance.

Silmer ACRT and Silmer ACRN acrylates are manufactured to be highly functionalised.  They have excellent release properties, and very good adhesion due to their high functionality.  Typical structures are shown here:

Silmer ACRT

Silmer ACRN

Other silicone acrylate categories include:

  • Silmer UACR, the silicone urethane acrylates. These can also be EO and PO containing.
  • Silmer ACRM, maleic anhydride-functionalised acrylates, with EO and PO variants.
  • Silmer MACR, silicone methacrylates.
  • Silmer OH ACR Mo, which are equilibration mixtures consisting of 50% mono-functional hydroxy acrylate, 25% di-functional hydroxy acrylate, and 25% non-functional silicone.
  • Silicone ACRQ resins
  • Fluorosilicone acrylates
  • Undecylenic acid acrylates

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