Metapol: Together Creating a Brilliant World

Metapol: together creating a brilliant world

 The design and manufacture of metallic pigments of effect is our greatest passion and it grows when the customer goes beyond satisfaction and expresses a “wow” of absolute conformity with products of high brilliance, sparkle, whiteness, mirror effect, smoothness, glamour, which give distinction and elegance to their products. This is synergized with collaboration and a culture of service.

Metapol’s experience of more than 40 years in the metallic pigments market has been built with professionalism and good practices of teamwork, which makes us a reliable partner.

We develop effect metallic pigments of the hand of our customers, this collaboration fills us with passion and great pride by adding efforts, creating Customer-Metapol synergy to innovate in the market with products tailored to their needs, which is the best motivator.

Providing solutions

In a dynamic and competitive market environment, to remain and be attractive, it is vital to have differentiated products that are the solution to each personalized requirement. As passionate experts in metallic effects, we offer the best pigments that guarantee trendy products of high colours and bright visual effects.

Metapol is committed with the following markets:

Coatings | Graphic arts and inks | Plastics | Functional applications

We provide a wide range of aluminium and bronze pigments with different features and of different sizes (fine, medium, coarse and extra coarse), ideal to ob­tain metallic finishes desired by the final customer.

Our latest innovations

ALU D10011 and ALU D10015 are thin silver dollar effect pigments which due to their narrow particle size distribution, offer perfect balance between hiding power and brilliance, ideal for automotive finishes.

For more information on these innovative products, contact Richard Nathan, Sales Manager, Speciality Chemicals Industry, DKSH Great Britain at, phone: +44 20 88795500