How to Compile Your Safety Data Sheets in the Easiest and Most Reliable Way

How to compile your Safety Data Sheets in the easiest and most reliable way

SIAM develops software for the classification and management of Safety Data Sheets under CLP and GHS regulation. Provides a highly versatile software platform for preparing multilingual SDS and chemical products labelling. Our programs – CHEMETER and SDSAREA – can offer much time-saved, with features suited to the current and evolving safety regulations in over 60 countries. The software is built up in a modular fashion to suit your exact needs at a given time.


  • Chemical data management: a solid substance database is available and constantly under review.
  • SDS authoring software CHEMETER: it generates compliant and multilingual SDS for more than 60 countries.
  • Label editor: an innovative tool for designing CLP and GHS labels.
  • SDS efficient management and distribution: SDSAREA takes care of sending SDS to your customers notifying them in compliance with REACH regulation.
  • Updated software: new features are constantly being developed, and legislative updates implemented.
  • Integration with your system: and possibility of automation of the issuing and sending of updated SDS process.
  • Further documents: extended SDS (e-SDS), dangerous goods documents and sector specific paperwork.


Wide variety of clients from small size to global international companies are operating now with our software to make their SDS and LABELS. Today we have a well-established international presence through our world-wide sales network.

Our clients are companies manufacturing and distributing all kinds of chemical products in many sectors, such as: cleaning, paints and coatings, rubber, detergents, adhesives and sealants, flavours, fragrances, water treatment…

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