The Rakem Group Prepares for Informative TechFocus Presentations During SURFEX Week

The Rakem Group prepares for informative TechFocus presentations during SURFEX week.

This year the Rakem Group return to SURFEX, showcasing their raw material distribution division, Rakem Limited and toll manufacturing service, Maker. The two have a great partnership within the coatings industry, offering customers pigments and powders and the additional option of blending these materials or offering a finished product.

Rakem’s and Maker’s expertise lies within titanium dioxide. Rakem have been distributors for over 25 years, growing their expertise for not only titanium dioxide but complementary products such as their unique functional additives (Blanc Fixe, HDS, Barium Sulphate etc.). Rakem have represented one manufacturer since their beginning, Sachtleben. In 2017 following Huntsman’s acquisition of Sachtleben, they gained new products including chloride grade titanium dioxide and continued to develop their knowledge of the coatings industry. Today Rakem represent Venator, a subsidiary of Huntsman and one of the biggest titanium dioxide and functional filler manufacturers in the world.

Maker a new manufacturer to the coatings industry utilise the products available from Rakem which has enabled them to become a successful toll manufacturer. Like Rakem, Maker have become experts in the handling and mixing of titanium dioxide, manufacturing dispersions, paints, pastes and finished products for the construction and coatings industries.

Currently, there is a great deal of speculation with regards to the classification of titanium dioxide. It has been communicated that this year it will be classified as a suspected carcinogen by inhalation, in powder form. titanium dioxide is extremely important to the coatings industry, powering many manufacturers and often extremely hard to reduce or replace in formulations.

Both Maker’s and Rakem’s Tech Focus slots will explore the implications the classification will have on the coatings industry and how to ensure manufacturing is compliant and the safety of operatives is the number one priority.

For manufacturers that can not reduce consumption, Rakem will explore the impact of the classification, and also how titanium dioxide can be extended and replaced using a variety of fillers. including functional fillers such as blanc fixe, barytes and calcium carbonates. With over 50 years of experience in this sector, Rakem is confident there is a solution for everybody.

Maker will talk through the health and safety concerns it feels various manufacturers within the coatings industry and fellow members of the BCF (British Coatings Federation) may face. Health and safety is the most important aspect of any company. Maker are able to offer solutions and advice to fellow manufacturers to ensure business run smoothly and the coatings industry continues to thrive.

If you would like to contact Rakem or Maker with regards to the current titanium dioxide classification please feel free to contact us at or