Switching to water-based glass coatings with BASF Joncryl® OH 8301

Surfex attendees will know that, in recent years, water-based coatings have gained hugely in popularity among formulators and consumers as they offer a high-quality, environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based products. The known advantages of replacing solvent with water include low odour, increased worker safety and lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

After extensive research among customers active in glass coatings, BASF has successfully developed a new acrylic dispersion for this market: Joncryl® OH 8301. The new dispersion complements the existing Joncryl® OH 8300 and Joncryl® OH 8311 and all three are intrinsically surfactant-free (i.e. low foaming) with a fine particle size distribution that makes them particularly suitable for clear films.

Joncryl® OH 8300, the original ‘workhorse’, has good outdoor durability and excellent application properties, including pigment dispersion, particularly when used for spray and roller coatings. To evolve the range, our latest development, Joncryl® OH 8301, has better chemical resistance compared to Joncryl® OH 8300, while Joncryl® OH 8311 shows higher hardness.
All three products can be used for various glass coating applications, including alcohol and perfume bottles, and flat-glass and mirror-back coatings.
For further information on these and other BTC products please contact Chris Morgan, Head of Sales for Coatings, Inks and Plastics in the UK christopher.morgan@btc-europe.com.