OCCA Weekly Webinars

Launch of Autumn Series

Following on from the success of our hugely popular Summer Series, we are thrilled to have launched our ‘Autumn Series’ of 10 more Weekly Webinars, which will run from 7th October – 9th December. The launch was designed to coincide with the UK’s official Learning at Work Week, organised by Campaign for Learning. This is a unique annual event to build learning cultures at work. It aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development.

Learning at Work Week 2020 was scheduled to take place at its normal time 18th to 24th May. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Campaign for Learning ran ‘On Air – Online’ Learning at Work Week during these dates, which coincided with the launch of our Summer Series. The main Learning at Work Week dates subsequently changed to 5th – 11th October 2020, and hence our Autumn Series Webinar 1 will be broadcast during the new official “Learning at Work Week’. Webinar 3 in this second series will be broadcast as part of the “Virtual Surfex” week.

We continue to use the OCCA Weekly Webinars platform as a catalyst for change, to provide an opportunity for OCCA to engage more directly with members and industry associates; to enable our industry partners & Corporate Sponsors to share their business and product developments; and to encourage participation from a broader audience. Our Summer Series attracted over 940 registrations from participants around the world, many of whom attended several of the weekly sessions. Other members chose to access the webinars via the Members’ Area of our OCCA website, either downloading pdf copies of presentations or watching the video recordings at a time to suit themselves.

Our autumn line up will not disappoint. It is offered free of charge for members, Corporate Sponsors and students from our recognised Educational partners. Non-members have the unique chance to participate in any of the Autumn Series sessions, in the hope that they might be encouraged to sign up for membership of the Association in the longer term. Notedly, non-members are not restricted in the number of sessions they can attend. Indeed, presenting companies are encouraged to invite their own customers and industry contacts to participate, in order to provide the best possible platform for their subject matter and a wider audience for OCCA.

Broadcast live every Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm BST, using Zoom as the hosting platform, each weekly session comprises a brief introduction to OCCA, a 30-40 minute presentation by the host company and a live Q&A session with panellists at the end of each presentation. If you wish to find out more about getting involved in one of the future sessions, please contact Ann-Marie Etherington – admin@occa.org.uk, for more details.

Webinar 1, Wednesday 7th October 2020
Joanne Mitchell
Global Product Manager for Metallics

The COMPAL range of aluminium pigments for water-based coatings and powder coatings

“COMPAL aluminium is a highly concentrated pigment in a pellet form. This alternative delivery form allows safer shipping, storage and handling compared with typical aluminium pigments in powder and paste forms.

With developments in technology, COMPAL can now be utilised in a wider range of applications such as waterborne coatings and powder coatings. The presentation will cover the COMPAL product range, suitable applications and guidelines for incorporating COMPAL.”

Webinar 2, Wednesday 14th October 2020
Peter Collins

Anti-viral coatings

“In this presentation I will briefly look at the nature of the SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) virus and consider modes of transmission, before looking at how we might counter its effects and considering what role surface coatings and treatments might play in this. The presentation will consider the potential effectiveness of existing coating products and the obstacles facing new antiviral coating development and application, including testing efficacy, assessment of product safety and toxicology, and the need for registration under the Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR). Mention will also be made of application-related issues such as the ease of application of antiviral coatings, turnaround times for the location to be returned to operation and cost effectiveness of any coating solution.”

Webinar 3, Wednesday 21st October 2020
Ron van der Leeuw
Industry Manager Thermosets – EMEA

Where Art Meets Technology

“Chromaflo is the market leader for tinting systems for the decorative and industrial coatings industry. Tinting systems are nowadays state of the art in almost every DIY shop. There is a growing interest for implementing tinting systems in adjacent markets such as flooring. Based on a case study, this paper describes and explains the approach of a fully integrated tinting system. What is a tinting system, how can it help reducing the colorant inventory and how can blended color on demand be created?”
Questions on how to select the right pigments, colorant technologies and required specifications will be answered.

Webinar 4, Wednesday 28th October 2020
Dr Trevor S B Sayer
Senior Managing Consultant

Acrobatics with Achromatic colours

“This presentation will highlight the continued importance and popularity of the achromatic colour space, especially white. What is the consumer demanding from this colour space, both in technical function as well as colour for the future? How does this reflect on pigment choices and formulation demands going forward?

“Stylists and designers are dreaming up new ways to capitalise and inspire consumers using the emotions and dynamics of colour preference. Results of a scientific approach to understanding the complex link between object and colour association will be demonstrated using applied ecological valence theory, with the goal of creating tools which will help to truncate and optimise prediction of colour choices, reducing cycle time and cost across a range of markets.”

Webinar 5, Wednesday 4th November 2020
Dr Anita Barni
Global Business Development Manager

Solutions for textile finishing in a sustainable and circular economy

“The vision of a sustainable economy is rapidly advancing. Companies are proactively searching for alternative raw materials and production processes for the development of new materials that can have a lower toxicological and environmental impact. Textile finishing will probably remain an industrial prerogative and, in the future, process safety will be granted in all stages: raw material selection, chemical synthesis and reuse/ recycle of all the article at the end of life. Virtuous examples of new sustainable technologies are already available in the field of polymer production for textile finishing in order to eliminate organic solvents, avoid/ limit the use of toxic substances in all steps of production, produce biodegradable articles & reduce carbon footprint. This webinar will pay particular attention to new bi-component polyurethane systems for in situ, water-based biodegradable polymer dispersions for coating, laminating and padding, and high performance low eco-toxicological impact polymer dispersions.”

Webinar 6, Wednesday 11th November 2020
Colin Wakeford
Team Leader Applications Engineering North Europe

Cost effective quality control for effect colours

“The MA5QC multi-angle spectrophotometer, launched in October 2019, is a compact, cost-effective,
production-oriented, easy-to-use instrument. “Based on the advanced LED technology, which was introduced with the X-Rite MA T6 and T12 devices in 2017, this five-angle instrument (15°, 25°, 45°, 75° and 110° angles that comply with international automotive standards) has a 12mm measurement spot and provides reflectance data at 10nm intervals. The LED lamp technology provides long life, stability and up to 2,000 measurements per charge. Internal calibration negates the need for daily calibration to an external standard. It can either be used stand-alone to give precise fast colorimetric pass/fail results via its easy-to-use touch screen menus or used in combination with X-Rite’s EFXQC software to provide custom workflows and more detailed Pass/Fail information.

“The EFX-QC software is a cloud-based software solution with a clear, easy-to-follow workflow, allowing for simple measurement, communication, and testing of colour across supply chains.”

Webinar 7, Wednesday 18th November 2020
Professor Long Lin
Professor of Colour Chemistry

Leeds University Showcase

“Established in 1879, the Colour Chemistry department is the world-leading institute for applied research and teaching of colour, colourants and surface-coating sciences, substantiated by having hosted Prof Arthur Perkin FRS (son of Sir William Perkin FRS – the inventor of man-made dye) and Prof Ian Rattee OBE (the inventor of reactive dye), an outstanding track record of successful industrial R&D collaborations, created many ground-breaking technologies and the very successful, unique MSc Polymers, Colourants and Fine Chemicals programme.”

“The session will showcase all aspects of Advanced Colour and Polymer Science at Leeds, the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships scheme and opportunities for external facing student educations.”

Webinar 8, Wednesday 25th November 2020
Javier Morcillo-Ruiz
Technical Director: Sr Pigment Expert for Automotives

eXpand range of Pigments for Automotives

“With improved colour depth and stabilised up to the level of primary particle size the stir-in slurries eXpand!® Red EH 3427 and eXpand!® Blue EH 6001 have revolutionised the production of waterborne coatings. The pioneering eXpand!® technology enables enhanced colour depth, flop and sparkle. Fully compatible with modern automotive coating systems, these advanced pigments combine high transparency with a high tinting strength for unique, more intensive shades with lower scattering. Marketed under the Colors & Effects brand the pioneering stir-in technology results from a strategic partnership between BASF and Landa Labs.”

“With the latest development of the powder pigment eXpand! ® Red EH 3530, the first universal grade is now available, enabling the intense shades in various coating systems. Developed for modern automotive coating systems in order to fulfill the high requirements of these market. The eXpand!® technology makes the small stabilised particles easy to incorporate, which significantly reduces cost and time spent in production processing.”

Webinar 9, Wednesday 2nd December 2020
Tom Beyersdorff
Technical Marketing Manager

Thiocure® – Polythiol curing agents for Coatings

“Thiocure® products are a class of specialised curing agents that improve adhesion, chemical and UV
resistance as well as shine in a coating. Thiocure® products can be widely combined with commercially available resins such as epoxies, isocyanates, acrylics or polysulfides.”

“In this webinar, we will provide an introduction to our Thiocure® technology with a focus on epoxy- and
isocyanate-based formulations. We will discuss the benefits of Thiocure® curing agents and their influence on the properties of the cured products.”

“This webinar is intended for those who are seeking novel solutions for their formulations!”

Webinar 10, Wednesday 9th December 2020
André Bendo
Technical Industry Manager

Paliocrom® Effect Pigments – Exceptional Color & Performance

“In the pigment world, breakthrough developments trigger a market-wise shift in formulation strategy and unlock a next generation of colours and stylings. There is no better example for this than with BASF Colors & Effects’ Paliocrom® effect pigments. For over twenty-five years, the Paliocrom® series has driven novel styling development by leveraging chroma, brilliance and hiding – all in one pigment. Spanning across the gold to red colour space, the iron oxide-coated aluminiums portfolio has expanded to provide solutions for designer’s and end customer’s styling needs. While originally developed for Automotive, usage has accelerated into Liquid Industrial and Coil Coating applications. Colour positioning and technical performance will be covered in this session as well as a discussion on target applications and guidance on product selection.”