Are You Sure Your SDS and Labels are Compliant?


According to the ECHA’s REF-6 PROJECT REPORT (ECHA, 2019), the 44 % of hazardous mixtures are not compliant with classification and labelling obligations. Last December were released the results of the sixth EU-wide Enforcement Forum project, which checked 3 391 mixtures of different chemical sectors and inspected 1 620 companies (manufacturers, importers, downstream users and distributors) in 29 countries.

The findings were worrying as 43 % of all reported companies were found to have at least one non-compliance and 44 % of reported mixtures were non-compliant in some way. Among these non-compliances, the following can be highlighted:

17% of the mixtures checked were using an incorrect classification.

33% of the mixtures notified were incorrectly labelled, preventing correct advice on safe use of the product

9% of all harmonised substances in the inspection did not contain the required harmonised classification and labelling.

33% of the SDS did not comply with the requirements checked.

What about your SDS and labels? Are you sure you are compliant?

To keep up with regulation changes is a hard work, that is why SIAM has developed the perfect tool to prevent incorrect information being disseminated in safety data sheets and labels under CLP and GHS regulation. We do the hard work for you and manufacturers, importers and distributors using CHEMETER and SDSAREA can be sure to have the right classification for mixtures and therefore compliant labels.

SIAM provides a highly versatile software platform for preparing multilingual SDS and chemical products labelling. Our programs, CHEMETER and SDSAREA, can offer much time-saved, with features suited to the current and evolving safety regulations in over 60 countries.

The software is built up in a modular fashion to suit your exact needs at a given time.

  • Chemical data management: a solid substance database is available and constantly under review.
  • SDS authoring software CHEMETER: it generates compliant and multilingual SDS for more than 60 countries.
  • Label editor: an innovative tool for designing CLP and GHS labels.
  • SDS efficient management and distribution: SDSAREA takes care of sending SDS to your customers notifying them in compliance with REACH regulation.
  • Updated software: new features are constantly developed, and legislative updates implemented.
  • Integration with your system and possibility of automation of the issuing and sending of updated SDS process.
  • Further documents: extended SDS (e-SDS), dangerous goods documents and sector specific paperwork.

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