The Cutting Edge

To ensure that everyone attending Surfex has access to the latest in development and innovation, a 2 day programme of university-based achievement will be introduced in 2020.

The Cutting Edge will allow 7 universities to present their latest achievements suitable to be adopted for industry applications. The universities include Birmingham, Nottingham, Plymouth, Salford, and UCL

A range of topics will be covered in The Cutting Edge programme including:

  • Controlling Surface Oxidation of Plasma Nitrided UHMWPE Using α-tocopherol, Marc Bruggerman, University of Birmingham
  • Surface Modification Using Plasma Laser Technologies, Ziao Tao and Vahid Nasrollahi, University of Birmingham
  • Coatings for Biomaterials Applications, Prof. David Grant, University of Nottingham
  • New Applications of Pulsed Electron Irradiation in Surface Engineering, Dr James Murray, University of Nottingham
  • Icephobic Coatings and Surfaces, Dr. Xianghui Hou, University of Nottingham
  • Smart Coating Systems to Monitor Strain and Fracture, Dr Sung-Hwan Jang, University of Plymouth
  • Superhydrophobic, Anti-icing, Smart Surfaces, Prof. Manish Tiwari, University College London
  • Optical Coatings for Healthcare and Energy Applications, Prof Ioannis Papakonstantinou, University College London
  • Mesoporous Coatings for Self-cleaning, Antireflection and Sensing Applications, Dr Stefan Guldin, University College London
  • Technology Development For Wide Area, In-line Deposition of Functional Coatings, Dr Heather M. Yates, Salford University
  • Thermal Performance of Thermal Paint and Surface Coatings in Buildings in Heating Dominated Climates, Dr Richard Fitton, Salford University
  • Accessing the Expertise and Cutting Edge Technology at Warwick, Dr Ian Hancox, Warwick University
  • Attracting Graduate Talent – How to Sharpen Your Approach, Dr Charlie Cunningham, Warwick University
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If you are working in a University and want to be included, or know a University department that you feel should be included, please contact
Victoria Emerton at Step Exhibitions on 01892 518877