Geoff Mackrill

Managing Director

Teal & Mackrill

Geoff took over the running of his family business, Teal and Mackrill, in Hull in 1999. He has been    active within the BCF since the early 2000s and has led BCF’s campaigning with Government            departments on several key issues – most notably defending the use of anti-fouling coatings for the marine sector with HSE and Defra.

Serving on the BCF Board of Directors since 2002, Geoff also currently holds the chair of the BCF Marine Coatings Group, a position he has held for the last five years. On top of this, he spent six years representing the UK paints industry in Europe as a board member of CEPE, the European coatings  association. Geoff helped ensure BCF maintained its seat at the table, facilitating the British Coatings industry to be represented within Europe post-Brexit.

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