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The Future of UK Chemical Regulation

Elaine’s presentation covers some of the issues and challenges faced in recent years by the UK Chemical industry.  With all the uncertainty in UK chemical regulation, Elaine will look at what may potentially be coming in the future and how business can plan for this.

Sol-Gel Coatings for Coil-Coated Steels

The development of the sol-gel process opened the possibility of utilising ceramic coatings at low curing temperatures. However, these coatings have drawbacks such as a tendency to crack, delaminate, and limited thicknesses (nm). Through the modification of the sol-gel chemistry it is possible to produce defect-free coatings that can be scaled up to a coil-coating… Read more »

Understanding EPR Packaging

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging is a policy that went into effect on 1st January 2023. It significantly increases producer’s responsibility for the packaging they place on the UK market at the end of its life and replaces previous producer responsibility regulations. The goal is to encourage the use of fewer and more easily… Read more »