Toyal Europe


Exhibitor: Sharer

Stand: 509

Telephone: +33 1 34 93 10.20

Company Profile

Toyal Europe produces and markets aluminium powders and aluminium pigments in paste form, supplying its industrial customers with the pigments needed to produce technical and creative paints.
The company is also present in other markets with functional products, particularly for the aerospace and defence sectors.
Toyal develops and produces technical powders for high-tech sectors (additive manufacturing) where the company is positioned as one of the most innovative players. Our customers and partners in the industry make Toyal a major and essential player in the market.
Finally, the company is positioning itself on other very high-tech markets such as the covering of parts with “cold spray” and “thermal interface materials” to dissipate heat (batteries, technical glue, nano-thermal materials, etc.).

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