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Category: Adhesive Raw Materials, Coating Raw Materials, Exhibitor, Intermediates for Construction Chemicals, Printing Ink Raw Materials, Surfex Live

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Company Profile

Synthron is a subsidiary of Protex International, an independent French industrial group, which develops, manufactures, and markets chemical specialties in various industrial sectors including textiles and leather, coatings and inks, adhesives, construction, electronics, fine chemicals, paper, and agrochemicals. A range of additives and speciality resins is offered with functionalities including flow and levelling, substrate wetting, defoaming, pigment dispersion, rheology modification, water repellence, and many other niche properties. Synthron products provide solutions for aqueous, solvent-free and solvent-based systems.


16:00 - 16:20

Flow, Levelling and More…

Flow and levelling additives have been employed for many years in coatings formulations.  But how can we improve on the current offerings?  Synthron has been working to enhance traditional flow and levelling technology by introducing additional functionalities. This presentation will share recent developments covering complementary properties such as improved substrate wetting and open time extension... Read more »

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