Mitsubishi Chemical Group


Exhibitor: Sharer

Stand: 624

Telephone: 01325 300990

Company Profile

Mitsubishi Chemical Group offer a portfolio of Elvacite® and Lucite® brand acrylic polymers and co-polymers, which gives customers a broad choice of performance characteristics. Adhesion, rigidity, flexibility, solvent compatibility, temperature resistance and pigment dispersion are just some of the features offered.
Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s acrylic resins are solid, free-flowing spherical beads. Each resin offers its own characteristic features based on a range of product chemistries (including thermoplastics, carboxyl functional and hydroxyl functional grades).
The properties of these resins can be enhanced by blending with each other, with other additives such as plasticisers, or with other resins. Elvacite® materials can be compatible with alkyds, nitrocellulose, epoxies, vinyls, melamines, ureas, isocyanates, and cellulose butyrate resins.

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