Manchester Chemicals

Stand: 131

Telephone: +44 (0)1625 585495
Address: 16 George Street, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7EJ, United Kingdom

Company Profile

Manchester Chemicals - Main areas of business

NEW – Large particle size Texturing agents (Epoxy/PU flooring and thicker coatings).
NEW – Soft Feel additives (UV/Water/Solvent based).
Unique Organic Matting Agents, Texturing Agents, Mar/Slip agents, Conductivity agents, Thixotropes
Dispersing Agents, Cationic UV photo-initiators - non benzene

HELIOS HG Group – European Resin manufacturer
Resins for Can / Coil / Auto refinish / wood / plastic / metal
Hydroxylated acrylics , Acrylics, Thermoplastic acrylics, MMA Cold plastic resins, Acrylic water emulsions, Alkyd emulsions

FERRO – Complex Inorganic Pigment manufacturer
NEW – IR Reflective pigments, Nickel free Pigment Green 50
Including Cappelle Pigments NV and their range of organic pigments

Solvent soluble dyes, Pearlescent Pigments

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