Stand: 120
Category: Application, Automation Systems, Colorimetry, Colour Matching, Control & Monitoring Systems, Exhibitor, Laboratory & Production Equipment, Production & Process Control, Quality Control & Laboratory Testing Equipment, Testing & Measuring Equipment

Telephone: 01980 664800
Email: support@lovibond.uk
Website: https://www.lovibond.com

Company Profile

Lovibond is an international supplier of innovative instrumentation and reference standards for the colour measurement of liquids and solids. The company was founded in 1885 by Joseph Lovibond, a prominent brewery owner who developed the colorimeter as a means of ensuring the quality of his beer. By 1893, he had perfected his research and introduced the first commercial instruments.
Currently, the company provides colour measurement instrumentation (visual and automatic) for colour analysis of liquids and solids, including edible, industrial, and fuel oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, coatings, plastics, textiles, printing, food, cosmetics, and creams.

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