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Application: Product Formulation,
Formulation Services
Laboratory & Production Equipment: Agitators, Mixers - Dispersers, Pumps,
Regulatory Services
Testing & Measuring Equipment: Production & Process Control

Stand: 409

Telephone: 01844 354789
Email: sales@ipi-global.com
Website: https://ipi-global.com/

Company Profile

IPI Global is a leading supplier of sustainable and safe closed transfer packaging and mixing solutions for the industrial liquids sector. With over 25 years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, we possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to deliver the best solutions for our customers. Our product range of expertly engineered industrial liquid handling systems is suitable for metal and plastic containers, from 10L to IBCs. Recently added to our portfolio is the innovative new closed mixing system PRO-BLEND®, which utilises timed pulses of pressurised air that quickly and completely mix the contents of a container such as a drum or an IBC.
We take a customer-centric approach, getting to know our clients and evaluating their specific needs, to create the ideal packaging, mixing and/or dispensing solution for their application. We’re setting a higher standard for safety in the industry, taking operator and environmental security to new heights for potentially dangerous and high-value liquids.


11:30 - 11:50

Pneumatic Mixing. Bringing Chemicals Back to Life

“Pneumatic Mixing. Bringing Chemicals back to life” – Air based mixing has many advantages over more conventional methods. There is no electricity and no moving parts, which makes it a safe, non-invasive technology – as well as being extremely easy to implement, set up and use. It can re-animate paints, inks and chemicals which would... Read more »

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