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Contact Name: Andy White
Telephone: +447793774521
Email: andy.white@fp-pigments.com
Website: http://www.fp-pigments.com
Address: Ahventie 4 A 21-22, Espoo, FI-02179, Finland

Company Profile

FP-Pigments specializes in high-performance specialty pigments, which are simple to use, cost effective and excellent for partial replacement of TiO₂


11:30 - 11:50

How Composite Pigments Improve Coating Opacity and Ultimately Result in Improved Cost and Sustainability

By utilizing composite pigments containing optimally spaced TiO2, a formulator can improve overall TiO2 efficiency in waterborne coatings. This will result in a significant increase in the opacity and whiteness, allowing the use of thinner films. The substantial improvement in opacity allows for thinner films (lower coat weight) to be applied while maintaining target coating opacity.... Read more »

11:50 - 12:10

Using Composite TiO2 Pigments to Reduce The Use of Coloured Pigments Hence Reducing Cost And Carbon Footprint

Coloured pigments are obviously vital to imparting the apparent colour to coatings materials. However, in almost all cases, variations in the opacifying power of this largely absorptive materials mean that significant amounts of Titanium Dioxide is required in the formulation in order confer the appropriate level of opacity. This necessary amount of TiO2 has the... Read more »

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