Faber & VanderEnde BV


Coating Raw Materials
Exhibitor: Sharer,
Intermediates for Construction Chemicals

Stand: 328

Telephone: 07704 146700
Email: info@fabervanderende.com
Website: https://fabervanderende.com/

Company Profile

Faber & VanderEnde BV are a chemical distributor specialising in minerals for the Paint, Coatings, Construction, Ceramic and Fertilizers industries. Founded in 2000 they were acquired by the Manchester based RBH Group in April 2022 and operate as the European office from Almere, Netherlands. Faber & VanderEnde BV focus on Thixotropic Thickeners and Binders with their Attapulgite clay range (Min-U-Gel) and unique high purity grade Magnesium aluminium silicate (Acti-Gel 208).

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