Bassermann Minerals GmbH & Co. KG


Adhesive Raw Materials: Additives, Resins,
Coating Raw Materials: Additives, Anticorrosion Coatings, Binders,
Intermediates for Construction Chemicals: Raw Materials,
Printing Ink Raw Materials: Additives, Binders, Pigments

Stand: 429

Telephone: +49 40369688210
Address: Pelzerstra├če 4, D-20095 Hamburg, Germany

Company Profile

Bassermann minerals offer a range of raw materials to the UK coatings, inks and sealants market. These include Titanium Dioxide, Carbon Blacks and Silicas (fumed and precipitated). We offer environmentally friendly, bio based raw materials to further reduce VOC levels. As part of the a major German based Chemical trading company (Stockmeier Chemie), we are able to offer a range of additives including anti-skinning additives, pH modifiers, wetting agents, defoamers and Silicone Oils. We also offer vinyl chloride copolymers as a binder for heavy duty metal and anti-corrosion coatings and a range of Epoxy resins. Our aim is to offer high quality products at attractive prices.

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