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Adhesive Raw Materials: Additives, Additives, Fillers, Monomers, Oils, Pigments, Plasticizers, Polymer Dispersions, Polymers, Resins, Solvents, Waxes,
Coating Raw Materials: Additives, Additives, Anticorrosion Coatings, Binders, Chemistry, Dyers, Fillers, Pigments, Solvents, Subsidary Products,
Formulation Services
Intermediates for Construction Chemicals: Additives & Admixtures, Additives & Admixtures, Raw Materials,
Printing Ink Raw Materials: Additives, Additives, Binders, Dyes, Pigments, Solvents

Stand: 303

Telephone: +44 (0)1344 397751

Company Profile

The Industrial division of Alfa Chemicals is a dedicated unit which can help you select the best speciality chemical additives for your development projects in the UK, Ireland and Nordic regions. Working with global chemical producers, we offer quality raw materials and speciality additives for PU, PIR, Epoxy, CASE, metal working fluids, lubricants, plastics, Homecare/I&I, among others. Each member of our sales team is a qualified chemist, ensuring the technical knowledge required to provide customers with relevant information and support.


11:30 - 11:50

A Polymeric Anionic Pigment Dispersant – DEHSCOFIX® WT107

DEHSCOFIX® WT107 is a polymeric anionic dispersant from Innospec, it is specifically designed for efficiently dispersing pigments in aqueous systems. It works well with inorganic and organic pigments and allows high solid loading in the dispersions. It prevents flooding and agglomeration of pigment particles during storage. It has broad water hardness tolerance and is a... Read more »

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