Presenting at Surfex

Surfex is an ideal forum for exhibitors to present their latest innovations, products and ideas in the TechFocus programme. These 20-minute presentations are to a captive audience of key decision makers and can be combined with a stand to give you both a presence on the exhibition floor and in the programme.

This allows exhibiting companies the opportunity to showcase their technology and concepts to companies who develop, produce and market coatings, resins, polymers, adhesives and inks within seminars areas in exhibition hall encouraging attendees to visit their stand after the presentation.


Exhibitors and international manufacturers showcase their latest products, developments, technologies and techniques. It is free for all visitors to attend, this 2-day programme features:

  • BTC
  • Chemical Inspection and Regulation Services Ltd (CIRS)
  • Elcometer
  • Fischer Instrumentation
  • IKA England
  • KR√úSS
  • Lake Coatings
  • Rakem
  • SIAM
  • Stort
  • Univar Solutions
  • Yordas Group

If you would like to join these international manufacturers and suppliers and give a presentation at Surfex please contact

TechFocus is not the only content on offer at Surfex 2020 as seminars, presentations and workshops from our supporting organisations offer a rare opportunity to discover a World of new ideas:-

Industry Insight

Many of the important things you need to know, addressed by those who know it best. Industry Insight features several leading authorities in the market delivering insight into the key issues.

Surfacing Science

Sessions presented by scientific societies and associations such as OCCA, RSC SIG plus a session on Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre.

The Cutting Edge

A dynamic addition to the Surfex programme, the Cutting Edge features advances coming out of university activity that are applicable for industrial application. This programme will appeal to everyone with an interest in the very latest developments.

The participating universities including Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Plymouth, Salford, UCL and Warwick.

A range of topics will be covered in the Cutting Edge including:

  • Coatings for Biomaterials Applications
  • New Applications of Pulsed Electron Irradiation in Surface Engineering
  • Icephobic Coatings and Surfaces
  • Smart Coating System to Monitor Strain and Fracture
  • Superhydrophobic, Anti-icing, Smart Surfaces
  • Optical Coatings for Healthcare and Energy Applications
  • Mesoporous Coatings for Self-cleaning, Antireflection and Sensing Applications


See the full programme at

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