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Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

Graphene is the name for a sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a perfect hexagonal lattice. It is the building block of graphite – pencil lead.  If you separate out one atomic layer of graphite, this is… Read more »

PCE International

PCE International is a quarterly publication that continues to unite the International protective and marine coatings markets. It contains reliable editorial with non-biased news on new technology and good practice in the use of high performance anti-corrosion… Read more »


ipcm® is the only international magazine for painting, coating, and surface finishing technologies. Its feature topics contain technical, scientific and practical information on all kinds of surface technologies: pretreatment/cleaning, wet coating, powder coating, coil coating, anodizing, E-coat,… Read more »

The British Standards Institution

Our purpose is to inspire trust for a more resilient world. Our solutions and services improve performance and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At BSI, our mission is to share knowledge, innovation and best practice… Read more »


PPCJ publishes two highly successful coatings industry magazines; PPCJ and Asia Pacific Coatings Journal (APCJ) and the Coatings Group, complements these by organising a number of successful coatings events around the world.

Institute of Materials Finishing

The Institute of Materials Finishing was founded in 1925, its title then being the Electroplaters and Depositors Technical Society. Its main purpose was to disseminate technical information on electrodeposition by means of technical publications, meetings and conferences…. Read more »