Prof. Joseph Keddie

Soft Matter Physics

University of Surrey

Prof. Joe Keddie’s research area is mainly on waterborne polymer colloids and their applications in coatings and soft adhesives, studied with techniques including NMR imaging, microscopies, and surface analysis. He was awarded a Medallion from Coatings Societies International in 2015 and the RSC/SCI Thomas Graham Lectureship in 2017. He is the former Chair of the IOP Polymer Physics Group, a Council Member of the High Polymer Research Group, Awards Co-ordinator for the RSC/SCI Joint Colloids Group, and on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Chemical Building Blocks Consortium in The Netherlands. A co-author of >150 journal articles and a book on latex film formation, he has >10,000 citations in the literature. He has contributed to several EU projects and collaborates widely with industry.

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