Nirav Banker

Business Head (UK, Asia-Pacific and Middle East)


Nirav Banker, has spent 25 years with the global Chemicals industry in various roles, functions and titles.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, an MBA in International Business and is a Fellow of the Technology of Surface Coatings and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  Nirav has lived and worked in Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and  India holding key leadership roles at Gantrade, DIC Group, Dainichiseika, Meghmani amongst others.   People within the Chemicals industry lovingly call him “The Chemical Banker” !!  Today, in his relatively new avatar of regulatory and legislative support, we are pleased to invite and welcome Nirav on stage to tell us more about the merits and highlights of Chemeter, the e-SDS Authoring software from Spain.

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