David Willett

Chief Commercial Officer


David Willett is the Chief Commercial Officer of Tiro, a leading UK apprenticeship provider specialising in Science and Technology Apprenticeships. With a career spanning over two decades in education and training.

David’s tenure at Tiro is marked by significant growth and innovation. He has spearheaded the development of the company’s most popular programmes, including Level 3 Laboratory Scientist Apprenticeships and Science Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeships across a range of Industrial sectors. Tiro has also expanded its offerings to include Degree Apprenticeships, validated by Middlesex University, and has established a national footprint, delivering training across England.

Before joining Tiro, David held pivotal roles at The Open University, FLG Group, and PDS Apprenticeships, where he developed a deep understanding of the education and apprenticeship sectors. His own career journey began as an Engineering Apprentice with the NHS, instilling in him a lifelong passion for work-based learning.

David’s leadership extends beyond commercial strategy; he is committed to enhancing the apprenticeship experience through the integration of online learning and ensuring the quality of education with a team of specialist tutors with real industrial experience. His dedication to the field and ability to forge strong client relationships make him a pivotal figure in the advancement of vocational education in the UK.


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