Wilfrid Smith April 2019 Press Release

Sun Chemical Pigments have launched 3 unique high-performance pigments.

Quindo Magenta 122, 228-3122, offers very clean bluish shades of red, commonly referred to as magenta or pink. It has excellent fastness to heat, light, and weathering.

228-3122 is a unique transparent mixed crystal quinacridone that is highly chromatic and yellowish compared to typical PR122 while demonstrating similar fastness.

Intended markets: Automotive OEM & Refinish, Automotive Plastic Trim, etc.

Fanchon Yellow 138, 279-7138 is a very durable greenish yellow specially designed for coatings applications with high hiding power. It exhibits exceptional overall fastness and outstanding resistance to chemicals. This opaque grade is primarily for general industrial coatings but finds use in other markets.

Key attributes and benefits:

  • Green shade pigment with high colour strength
  • Outstanding lightfastness in full shade and reduction
  • Excellent replacement for diarylide and lead chromate pigments
  • High hiding power
  • Easy dispersing

Quindo Violet 55 228-6811 is the reddest shade violet quinacridone to expand your styling colour gamut. The pigment’s intense colour is 10 units more chromatic than a similar shade PV19 and it exhibits high transparency as well as an attractive neutral flop. This product offers excellent durability, which is comparable to PR202 and better than PV19 & PR122.

Key attributes and benefits:

  • High transparency, unique colour space, attractive neutral flop
  • Compatible in water and solvent-borne systems
  • Expands colour gamut
  • Excellent fastness properties