SYNTHRON September 2019 Press Release

SYNTHRON are part of the Protex International Group, a medium size French Chemical Company.

Formed in 1932, the Company is still privately owned, employing over 600 people globally.

The Company has 19 manufacturing sites globally and 6 R&D Centres.

Thanks to its constant innovation and its broad spectrum of know-how (from chemical synthesis to polymerization and formulation), Protex International meets its customers’ expectations in their strategy of development of high-performance products from a technological as well as an ecological stand point.

The activities of the Coatings & Inks Division include:

Additives for Liquid coatings and Printing Inks • Additives for Powder coatings • Binders for water-based liquid coatings.

Environmentally friendly green products include two silicone free defoamers:


VOC free 100% active vegetable oil based defoamer for water-borne coatings and printing inks. FDA175-300


VOC free vegetable oil emulsion based defoamer for water-borne coatings and printing inks. FDA175-300

New innovation product:               SYNTHRO®-STAIN 472

VOC-Free and Zinc-free tannin blocker for water borne wood coatings. Excellent blocking properties, it avoids discoloration due to the tannin components migration into the primer film.

New water-based resin:                 PROX® ACW 650

Special anionic acrylic modified resin in emulsion for anticorrosive water borne coatings. It gives strong anticorrosion performances as sole or co-binder.

For levelling and flow:                    MODAREZ® PW 336

VOC free levelling and flow agent for water-based systems, hydroxyl functional, excellent flow, levelling and de-gassing performance. Extending open time, it acts as coalescing agent. Excellent pigment wetting properties, can be used as grinding resin. FDA175-300

For substrate wetting:                    MODAREZ® SW 452

Organically modified polysiloxane based wetting substrate additive, with outstanding performance on surface tension reduction, without affecting inter-coat adhesion. For water borne systems, especially wood coatings and printing inks.  60 % solids in DPGME.

For further information on all of these products and our complete range please contact:

Steve Mason Sales Manager UK & Ireland

Full details are also available through our Distributor -Wilfrid Smith.