Spectrasense™ Functional Heat Management Pigments from BASF

BASF Spectrasense™ are highly functional pigments for near infrared (NIR) management in a variety of applications. Beside strong coloristic properties the products are able to influence the reflection and transmission of light at certain wavelengths to support the most modern technologies required for autonomous driving, laser welding and solar heat-management.

Carbon Black strongly absorbs the NIR LiDAR signals that are used for navigation of autonomous vehicles. Automotive coatings that use NIR transparent or reflective pigment technology delivery superior signal response and improve object detection. Other applications include laser welding where Spectrasense™ options enable stable joint connections without the use of chemical additives whether a black, coloured or colourless selection is made. Designs to reduce thermal load benefit from using functional heat management pigments  to keep surfaces cooler.

Find out more on the BASF Colors & Effects website or contact Chris Morgan, Head of Sales Coatings, Plastics and Inks BTC UK, Christopher.morgan@btc-europe.com