Raw Materials for DIY Products

Raw Materials for DIY Products


Stort Chemicals Ltd are here to help support your customers DIY projects with a range of materials for water-based and solvent-based formulations.


Products for protection

HEXAFOR® W-624 – Used for durable transparent wood protection

LINEWAX® P-2002-A – Gives a matting effect and scratch resistance

Wood Stains:

Resins, Additives, Colour

BENASOL® resins – for non-yellowing, high gloss varnishes and paints with improved hardness and chalk resistance

BLUEPUR® & REXIN® – aliphatic polyurethane resins suitable for a wide range of wood coatings

HEXAFOR® 695 & 692 – additive for anti dirt pick-up and wipe clean surfaces

HEXAFOR® 641 – wetting and anti-withdrawal additive. Assists with surface contamination in wood coatings

NOVAPINT® E – colourants with excellent water repellence and light fastness for façade paints

ORASOL® – pigment dispersions with good weather fastness to be used in wood stains

Stone & Concrete Protection:

HEXAFOR® – range of fluoropolymers for stain and oil repellence on a range of surfaces. Simply dilute to create sealers for natural stone, porous tile, grout and masonry, all without changing the natural appearance!

Stone Sealers:

easy to apply and quick drying resins that make a real difference

ACRONAL® DS 6262 & A754 – 1K concrete protection with low water update and low MFFT

UCOPOL® W 708 – 1K clearcoat for tiles and masonry