Quantum Design UK and Ireland launch new Company video and magazine

Featuring staff, suppliers and customers


September 2021



The company video is being launched in tandem with Quantum Design’s first Company magazine “High-Tech Instrumentation“. QDUKI Marketing Manager, Angela Carslake comments,

“Featuring some of our partners and customers, the video provides an insight into our people, method of working and proud history.”

Angela Carslake, Marketing Manager, Quantum Design UK and Ireland




There are contributions from:

  • Prof. Joseph Keddie, University of Surrey, JA Woollam Ellipsometry Customer for 20 Years
  • Angela Carslake, Marketing Manager, QDUKI
  • James Hilfiker, J A Woollam Co.
  • Dr. Jordan Thompson, Service Engineer, QDUKI
  • Mark Donaghy, Raptor Photonics
  • Dr. Shayz Ikram, Technical Director, QDUKI
  • Dr. Gavin Stenning, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, QD Systems Customer
  • Josh Hook, Service Engineer, QDUKI
  • Shane Hritz, Lake Shore Cryotronics

Angela Carslake continues,

“I for one am very proud of the video, having worked at QD-UKI for many years. I really feel that it has captured the heart of the company and how we enjoy collaborating with our customers and suppliers, and building relationships that will last for many years. I really hope you enjoy watching it.”

Angela Carslake, Marketing Manager, Quantum Design UK and Ireland

Included in the Magazine:

QD-UKI take a really in depth look at how their partnership with the Medical Technologies Innovation Facility at Nottingham Trent University could be of benefit to you – with one-off bespoke ellipsometer measurements available on the J.A. Woollam IR VASE II Spectroscopic Ellipsometer provided by QDUKI to the facility.

QD-UKI will be exhibiting at Surfex in June.  Find out more here