OCCA Weekly Webinar 5

OCCA Weekly Webinar 5, Wednesday 4th November 2020

Dr Anita Barni Global Business Development Manager

Solutions for textile finishing in a sustainable and circular economy

The vision of a sustainable economy is rapidly advancing. Companies are proactively searching for alternative raw materials and production processes for the development of new materials that can have a lower toxicological and environmental impact. Textile finishing will probably remain an industrial prerogative and, in the future, process safety will be granted in all stages: raw material selection, chemical synthesis and reuse/ recycle of all the article at the end of life. Virtuous examples of new sustainable technologies are already available in the field of polymer production for textile finishing in order to eliminate organic solvents, avoid/ limit the use of toxic substances in all steps of production, produce biodegradable articles & reduce carbon footprint. This webinar will pay particular attention to new bi-component polyurethane systems for in situ, water-based biodegradable polymer dispersions for coating, laminating and padding, and high performance low eco-toxicological impact polymer dispersions.

OCCA Manchester Section AGM

Date: Thursday 5th November 2020

Time: 2.30 – 3.30pm

via Zoom meeting link

Cost: Free to attend

This year’s Manchester Section AGM will be hosted as a Zoom webinar, to be held on the afternoon of Thursday 5th November 2020. Members are asked to register for the AGM, via the OCCA website (www.occa.org.uk/events) in order to receive a unique Webinar log-in link, which will be emailed 1 day ahead of the AGM. The AGM will commence at 2.30 pm prompt and is expected to finish no later than 3.30pm. Copies of the agenda, minutes from the 2019 AGM and nomination forms are available from admin@occa.org.uk

Manchester Section Annual Quiz Night

Date: Thursday 5th November 2020

Time: 19:30 – 22:00pm

Venue: From the comfort of your very own home!!

An internet connection and computer screen to enable viewing of powerpoint slides & other video content is essential. Cost: Free to attend Manchester Section is holding its annual quiz night, hosted by resident Quiz Meisters Paul Sheppard & Phil Knowles: a chance to test your knowledge against friends and colleagues in the industry.


In a break with tradition, this year’s quiz is for individuals, rather than the usual teams of four people. Quiz entry is free of charge to members and non-members alike. There will be a prize awarded to the winner. Booking is required in order to receive a Zoom meeting link and password.


Please visit the Events Page on the OCCA website to book: www.occa.org.uk/events If you have any queries, please contact Ann-Marie on 07739 689710 or email admin@occa.org.u