NEW Irgazin® Rubine K 4082 for Plastics applications

BASF have launched Irgazin® Rubine K 4082 to strengthen their portfolio for PR264. The new grade offers superior transparency, better chroma and high saturation compared to the existing 4080. The improved product exhibits excellent durability and has been designed for use in general polyolefin, PVC and engineering plastics applications. The product is actively supported for sensitive applications and intended to be compliant with global regulations for use in food-contact applications. Compliance with EU 10/2011 has already been confirmed.

Irgazin® Rubine K 4082 will be the first choice for the rubine colour space in the future and a core product for the BASF portfolio.

For further information please contact Chris Morgan, Head of Sales Coatings, Plastics and Inks BTC UK,