Albodur 1055 a UV Stable, Novel Renewable Resource Based, Non-Yellowing, 100% solids PU System.

Albodur 1055 a UV Stable, Novel Renewable Resource Based, Non-Yellowing, 100% solids PU System.

Novel renewable resource-based resin for VOC-free, UV-stable aliphatic 100% Solids, polyurethane systems: ALBODUR 1055 VP

Solvent free polyols are well-known and have been widely used in various polyurethane coating systems for many years. In the past, floor coatings were mainly applied in industrial areas due to their high chemical, physical and mechanical resistance.

Over recent years, the focus, and thus the major requirements of the floor coating market have changed with demands for ever increasing UV resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical performance.

The demands of hospitals, restaurants and schools, who require flooring which has exceptional chemical resistance and clean-ability for hygiene reasons whilst maintaining a decorative finish, have created new market demands for PU coatings.

In addition, there is growing demand for the performance of 100% Solids PU Coatings in exterior applications where the decorative finish needs to be maintained, thus UV stability is essential.

In order to push performance beyond current limits, and to fulfil the market requirements, Alberdingk Boley have created a new range of high-performance PU grades. Our strategic goal was to develop a product based on natural resources, which is not only unique because of its absolutely crystal-clear appearance, both as a neat resin and when cured, but to also outperform the current market standards thanks to its excellent UV stability.

The first of this range is Albodur 1055 VP

Technical data:
Solids content: 100%
OH-content: 6.15%
Viscosity: approx. 2,000 mPas
Shore A / D*: 85 / 40
Elongation at break*: approx. 85%
*crosslinked with HDI-based polyiosocyanate

The suggested fields of application are for interior and exterior: –

  • Industrial flooring
  • Metal coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Decorative floor coatings
  • Casting resin

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