Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge NV Multi-Purpose and Multi-Support Alkyd Emulsions

Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge NV Multi-purpose and multi-support alkyd emulsions

Valires HA040.01 and Valires HA040.15

Self-stabilized micro alkyd emulsions

Valires HA040 is a self-stabilized urethanized micro alkyd emulsion at 40% solids.
It dries oxidatively, catalyzed by a compatible drier such as ECOS ND®15 Aqua.
The urethanized waterborne resin can be used for primers, top-coats, wood stains, anti-corrosion coatings, deco paints, varnishes…

The Valires HA040 has good mechanical properties and low yellowing properties, high stability, low-temperature film formation without co-solvent, rapid initial drying and good through drying, high brushability and wet edge, good adhesion, neutral pH and low odour.
No neutralisation is required. This resin is compatible with many acrylic emulsions.
USMB recommends ECOS ND®15 Aqua as drier.
You can use up to 0,1% of cobalt on the resin solids.

Valires HA040 shows an exceptional stability, allowing the paint formulator to grind in pigments and fillers with attritors, pearl mills, dissolvers and rotor-stator dispersers.

Valires HA040 can be used as sole binder to make paints and varnishes at various gloss levels: high gloss, satin or matt. The traditional formulation techniques for alkyds and urethane alkyds need only minor adjustments. Appropriate thickeners will give a satisfactory rheology. Valires HA040 gives a quick hardness build-up and good final hardness.

Valires HA040.01 is the reference product with excellent drying properties, good adhesion, nice leveling and fast hardness build-up.
Valires HA040.15 is guaranteed amine free, presents less yellowing and will show an improved drying performance.

Valires HA040 will give a good initial film hardness. For applications like parquet varnishes and floor coatings, Valires HA040 can be combined with compatible hard acrylic resins to increase initial hardness, at the same time retaining the brushability, gloss and sanding properties. A typical mixture contains more or less 50% of each binder, based on resin solids. Valires HA040 does not require co-solvents to dry.

Milling and dispersing can be done in Valires HA040, adding the acrylic resin in the final stage of the paint making.

This resin gives the formulator :

* Ease of use: emulsifier free system, resulting in high stability and shear resistance
* Compatibility with a broad range of other resins like acrylics, vinylics, …
* Enhanced flow, leveling, open time
* High gloss, even in full colours
* Small particle size, excellent penetration in substrate
* Good outdoor resistance
* Low yellowing
* Low additive demand
* Good adhesion on many different substrates
* Excellent wetting for deep intense colours
* Neutral pH
* Low odor

Valires HA040.03

In some applications, a faster hardness development is needed when using the alkyd as sole binder, with or without the use of a cobalt drier. Valires HA040.03 proves to dry faster and build up hardness quicker. Additionally it appears to have a better compatibility with anti-corrosion pigments making it the ideal binder for direct to metal applications and anti-corrosion coatings.

The drying performance was measured with a ball linear time recorder at 20°C and 60 to 70% relative humidity with a velocity of 3 cm/h and a ball loading of 10 grams. The drier containing paint formulations were applied on the recorder after 3 days storage.

We notice that the HA040.03 dries significantly faster than the HA040.01 evenly with or without a cobalt drier. When a longer drying time is acceptable, one can even work without the addition of a drier.

The hardness has been measured with a Persoz pendulum. The hardness was evaluated after several days and measured in a conditioned room at 20°C and 60 to 70% relative humidity.
The interesting point is that the hardness increases faster in the early stage of drying with the HA040.03.

For more information on these innovative products, contact Richard Nathan, Sales Manager, Speciality Chemicals Industry, DKSH Great Britain at, phone: 07758 134 629.