Technology is the Driving Force at Lamberti

Technology is the Driving Force at Lamberti

Lamberti develops environmentally friendly binders and additives. This Italian family business employs 1300 people worldwide, and focuses on innovation. In fact, 30% of its product offerings are younger than 5 years old. Lamberti  introduced many new products at this year’s ECS.

Architectural/ Decorative Coatings

For the architectural and decorative coating market, the company introduced Esacote PU 9XX series, inherently matte PUDs for flat, burnish-resistant interior paints, trim and flooring paints.

The products are part-resins which offer super smooth matte finish, even in deep shades, and provide easier incorporation and application compared to when adding inorganics into an AC/PU resin system.

Esacote BiO 118 is an oxidative-drying,  water based, anionic aliphatic polyurethane dispersion for high quality interior paints. It also brings a consistent part of renewable resources into hardwood floor and furniture coatings.

Another focus of Lamberti continues to be controlling rheology in Low to Zero VOC waterborne Architectural Coatings.

Esacol are natural products coming from renewable resources (derived from hydroxypropyl guar) able to solve all rheological profiles required from the painting market. The main application feature of these thickeners is their efficiency and versatility for medium/high PVC systems/paints or for stuccos/pastes. Not to forget that Esacol are also water retention agents for drymixes.

On the synthetic thickeners side,we can highligh acrylic and polyurethane thickeners, biocide –free, solvent-free & VOC-free eg. Viscolam 600, Viscolam PF 330, which have a pseudoplastic behavior preventing settling & sineresis problems and a wide compatibility with resins and additives in the various systems.

Last development of Lamberti is an HEUR solvent- free and VOC –free thickener (also TIN free and Apeo free ) very efficient as KU builder–> medium shear. It is very compatible with pigments (high color acceptance) and resistant to viscosity drops caused by tinting (very common with polyurethane technology).

Wood coatings

Trend for coatings which look natural are growing in the market (not only in the wooden flooring but on all wood substrates), the “natural look” delivered by our Esacote PU 77 should be key, when promoting a pure polyurethane as a sole binder vs predominantly used acrylics.

When WB lacquers are formulated with our Esacote PU 77 (PC polyol based PUD with low VOC and Low co-solvent demand), hardness, film forming and chemical resistances  are on par with the best urethane-acrylics or self-crosslinking acrylics, but with better transparency and natural appearance. Esacote PU 77 is an ideal resin for 2K WB topcoat for wood flooring.

One of the key properties for the Kitchen cabinets & furniture markets, is chemical (stain) resistance. Also important for cabinetry and furniture is superior abrasion resistance (Taber abrasion) and superior resistance to dirt (pendulum hardness). As a  highly performing solvent-free PAC we specifically designed our Esacote PU 2416.

Industrial coatings

At present, the market for WB UV binders is growing up quickly. It is still difficult to find resins that respond to the wavelenghts for perfect surface cure ( especially with UV LED curing).  Our UV WB binders have very good reactivity, are tack free before UV curing and develop  very good film hardness after UV lamps.

Other challenge in conventional and UV LED is formulating dead flat coatings. Especially in UV LED, heat does help  much on the skrinkage of the film. You would need both easily mattable binder like our Esacote LX101 (which require less amount of flattening agents) and special matting agents like the Decosphaera beads (with very low oil absorption that do not influence the rheology of the system) .

For all substrates the trend is to move to coatings with very low gloss variation at 85° and with a very “natural look” and touch. Esacote LX and Decosphaeara  are ideal raw materials to achieve high matting efficiency along with high optical transparency in matte formulations .

For Decosphaera new grades from renewable resources are currently being developed and will soon be available.

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