Datacolor is Introducing the New Solution SpectraVision to the Paint & Coatings Market

Datacolor is introducing the new solution SpectraVision to the Paint & Coatings market

Managing color for highly textured, multi-color, small sized or odd-shaped products can be very challenging as most of these materials cannot be measured effectively with a traditional spectrophotometer. Current methods of visual assessment can often result in multiple submissions, wasted material, and downtime in production while attempting to get color approvals.

Meet the new standard for multi-colored and textured color management: SpectraVision. This industry-transforming technology from Datacolor gives manufacturers an unmistakable advantage in product development, quality control and allows you to:
• Produce consistent, repeatable results
• Reduce waste and cost
• Increase efficiency

The Datacolor SpectraVision solution combines an advanced hyperspectral spectrophotometer with formulation and quality control software to measure, formulate, analyze, report, communicate, and visualize accurate color results.

SpectraVision’s software component, Tools SV, allows user to assess the captured data with a variety of features:
• Automatically separate colors for greater efficiency
• Calculate coverage factor for correct color ratios in the final product
• Create color collections for ease of management• Fine tune assessments with quality parameters, including separation method adjustments, masking tools, border size

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